REEnewal Corporation aims to be a pioneer in the recycling of rare earth elements (REE) from electronic waste (e-waste) sources. REE are used extensively in a wide variety of new technologies, such as lighting, displays, wind energy, mobile devices, hybrid/electric vehicles, water treatment, and medical imaging. 

Today, China controls 97% of the world's supply of REE and have implemented increasing export restrictions on these materials since 2009. With no signs of this policy shifting and given the burgeoning worldwide demand for REE, the industry is in the early stages of a supply shortage. This crisis has triggered a revival in REE mining activity in the US, Canada and South Africa. The issue with this approach is that it is highly time and cost-intensive. A new mining operation could take 6-10 years to come online. 

REEnewal Corporation addresses the need in the market by following an environmentally responsible route that will give results much faster (<3 years) than a mining operation can.

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